Buyer Info

Buyer’s Premium – There is a 13% Buyers Fee that will be added to your final bill.  Premium is 10% if paying by Cash, Swiped Debit Card or Approved Check. (Contact Office Staff for approval process)

Register to Bid – Bidder must provide a valid State Driver’s License, Passport or State ID

All Sales Are Final – All Items are sold As-Is, Where-Is and All Sales are Final.

Payment methods – We accept Cash, Visa Mastercard or Discover (Either Debit or Credit)

Any other payment method must be approved and arranged prior to the Auction with our office staff.

Absentee bids:

  • All bids must be received 1 hour before the start of the sale.
  • Total of absentee bids must be a minimum of $25.
  • Item(s) must be paid for and removed from the Auction Center within 3 days of Auction.
  • Item(s) may not be removed until full payment is made.
  • Previewing the item is strongly recommended – All sales are final
  • For New Bidders, Credit Card Information is Required for all absentee bids


  • Choice – Used when selling like items. For example – you may bid $100 for ‘3 Tables – Choice’.  This means you may take 1, 2 or 3 tables for $100.  If you take 1, your bill is $100, if you take 2 the bill is $200 and so on. Any tables you don’t choose will be offered to any other bidder for $100.  If any remain, they may be auctioned again. 
  • Each – Used when selling like items.  For example, you may bid $100 for ‘4 chairs – each’.  This means you must take all 4 chairs at $100 a piece, totaling $400