Online – Only Auctions:  These Auctions are hosted through Proxibid.  If you have signed up for email notifications, you will receive an email announcement of the Auction that includes a link to the Auction on Proxibid.  Simply sign up as a bidder on Proxibid and you can begin bidding on the lots posted.  The online – only Auctions are ‘Timed’ Auctions, meaning that there is a pre-set time of when the first lot will end, with each successive lot ending one minute after the preceding lot.

If a bid is received on a lot within 1 minute of the Auction lot end time, it will automatically extend that lot’s end time by 2 minutes, allowing other bidders to bid. You can either bid live as the Auction is going, or leave a max bid.

Invoices from the Online – Only Auction will be sent after the Auction ends.  Cards on file with Proxibid will be charged the next morning.


Live with Online Bidding Auctions:  Quite simply, a product is held up or pointed to, and the Auctioneer will begin the bidding.  Our Auctioneer, Marla Vardell, uses a method called a ‘chant’.  Her chant is very easy to understand, and usually runs along the line of ‘I have five, do I hear 10?’ or something similar.  This means the Auctioneer has a bid of $5, and is looking for the next bid at $10.  If you wish to bid $10, hold your bidder card up so the Auctioneer can clearly see it.

At Legacy Auction & Estate Services, when you come in for preview you can register for the auction.  Registration is free, however we do require positive ID of a current driver’s license (or the equivalent) before you can bid.  The office manager enters the information into our database.  Once you have supplied this information, you do not have to show your ID again.  We do not sell or give away any of the information we collect on our customers.

After registering, you will be given a bid card.  Our terms and conditions are also printed on the back of the bid card, please review those before bidding.

Each item on the floor to be sold will have a lot number on it.  That lot number will be listed in your catalog, along with a brief description of the item.  Some people make notes in their catalog of items they wish to bid on.  The catalog will also describe if items are being sold ‘each’, ‘choice’ or as a lot.

Your bid card serves a dual purpose.  The large number is your identification for the auction.  When you win a bid, the auctioneer will announce your bidder number.  The clerk enters that number either on the clerk sheet or in the computer.  The information is stored in the computer until you are ready to check out.  When you leave, you will go to the office and they will print your receipt and settle monies.  All items must be checked off your receipt by a Legacy Staff member before being removed from the building.  We do this to ensure each buyer receives all of the items they bid on, and don’t have to return later for the forgotten item.  It also ensures no one else can mistakenly take your item home with them.

We do charge a 13% Buyers premium.  There is a  3% Discount  on Buyers Premium if you pay by Cash or Debit Card.   This is a very common practice at most auctions.  This helps offset some of the costs incurred to provide an orderly, well run auction.  We also do our best to provide clean, quality items.  We enjoy a friendly, professional business, and hope you do too.

We also provide absentee and phone bidding at no extra charge to the bidder.  Absentee bids must meet a minimum of $25, Phone bids must meet a minimum of $50.  Please inquire at the office or give us a call if you have need of either of these services.